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Check out our latest Joondalup landscape renovation. The owner google searched Joondalup Landscaper and she called us and awarded us the contract. We arrived at a sandy blank canvas with a dreadful slope that married to the outer border of the property. We straight away noticed that the sloped section of the yard has become dead space and by levelling out the site we will gain a lot of space, thus making the landscaping job worth every dollar.

Check out our latest landscape renovation in Joondalup. The owner of this property found us by googling Joondalup Landscaper. This job started with a sandy blank canvas with a dreadful slope that married to the outer border of the property. Straight away we noticed that the sloped section of the yard had become dead space and by levelling out the site we would gain a lot of extra entertainment and garden area, thus making the landscaping job worth every dollar.

The proposed landscape involved retaining the new levels created by us, which meant we needed to obtain a planning and development approval from the Joondalup council. This was made easy by the friendly staff at the Planning and Infrastructure department.

After we erected the retaining wall, we then back-filled the land and core-drilled the colorbond fence into the limestone retaining wall. This was done in one day and the backyard was now safe and secure.

While the wall and fence was under construction, we removed the existing patio and took it to the tip along with the old fence we had demolished. With building approval from the council, we then proceeded with the construction of the new patio. The new patio was cream coloured steel with a gable roof pitch. We sub-contracted the patio out to a fellow Joondalup Landscaper.

Before the patio was built, we removed all the original paving, which was put in a skip bin out the front. Now that the patio was complete, we were ready to form up the concrete. To add interest to the landscape, and offset all the sharp, straight lines, we decided to curve the concrete at intervals throughout the garden. We also elected for an exposed aggregate finish, which we felt looked the best for the landscape. The concrete guys were done pouring in one day and did a great job. The next day they acid washed the top layer to reveal the stones and we were now ready to proceed with installing the garden.

Some things worth mentioning is the work done prior to the concrete being laid: We ran one 90mm storm water pipe right under the concrete which carried the irrigation pipe and the low voltage wiring for the water feature. We also installed a power point on the back wall for the water feature. The irrigation was run off the garden tap as it was the only spot available on the property to receive mains water. Pipes were also run under the concrete which were later capped for the future in case the owner decided to have pot plants on the concrete. It’s always good to consider these things for the future because you can only pour one time, so do it once, and do it right! Also don’t forget to use a minimum of class 12 PVC pipe when going under concrete.

By now we have the irrigation working well and we are up to the fun part – planting the plants. We drove up north to Two Rocks and picked out some nice white feature rocks to fit into the landscape, especially around the water feature. We placed everything out and once we were happy we started planting away.

After we were finished with the white rocks an planting, we ordered two beefy bags of southwest river-stone from River Rocks Online. We did not shovel them in, instead each individual rock was hand placed to avoid squashing the plants and to give a better overall finish. This was a very tedious job and took a very long time!, but it was well worth it in the end.

After the river rocks were laid. we called our friends at Soils Aint Soils in Joondalup and had them deliver a few cubic meters of Pea gravel. This was the final lap before the clean up and we were so excited to lay the gravel.

Finally we were finished! This was our favourite Joondalup Landscape Renovation that we have done so far!

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