Springtime Gardening Tips You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year again, and surely your gardening skills are a must-have this time. Spring is one of the best seasons here in Perth, Australia. Gardeners utilise this time to prepare for what’s coming, meaning expect to use your green thumb for the next few days. So let’s take a look at the […]

Ways to Take Care of your Indoor Tropical Garden

An indoor tropical garden is a great choice if you plan to take care of indoor plants. Most of them can adapt to any area, making them ideal for indoors. Furthermore, most tropical plants thrive in shaded areas, so moving them into a pot at home is not that different.  Moreover, if your area doesn’t […]

Garden Makeovers for my Grandma with Gardens Australia

Lizzies garden makeovers for free planting

Lauren and I have learnt a lot on our gardening and landscaping journey. Over the years we have fixed and installed landscapes all over the Joondalup area. It was about time that we really used our skills to do something good for someone and that lucky person was my grandmother. We cleaned out her garage, […]

History Of The Mayhaw

Very little information can be found in the historical docket on the native American fruit, the mayhaw, ‘Crataegus aestivalis.’ This is true because of several factors, one being the size of the mayhaw and the bland taste of the fruit found growing in the wild state. These factors did not excite early American botanists and […]

Statues and Water features in Monasteries, and for Perth?

water features

Garden Statues and Water features in Monasteries, and for Perth?. How can we incorporate them into our local gardens. Monasteries with dramatic gardens, adorned with garden statues and water fountains, flourished throughout Europe in the first half of the first millennium, and along with cross, monks carried the plough. Hard work, which had fallen into […]

How Garden Art Creates Your Personal Idyll

Gardening is of course commonly regarded as a hobby. A hobby which is no doubt, engaging, rewarding and soothing. But can one really go beyond the ordinary process of just taking care of and maintaining a garden and make it look like a work of art with garden art, alone? Why not? All that is […]

Essentials For The Gardening Shed

The right tool can help make any job easier and the garden is no exception. More than 91 million households gardened in 2005, the most ever, according to the National Gardening Association. Gardening is an incredibly enjoyable activity, but if you don’t want to end up sore, blistered or itching, it’s important to be properly […]

The Most Popular Roses

When most think of flowers the image that comes to mind is that of a rose. A rose can be used to express any kind of emotion. It can indicate love or it can denote sadness. It can bring a peace of mind or it can excite the receiver. Little wonder that most of us […]

Curb Appeal Tips and Hints

It has been said that the curb appeal of your property is the difference between a quick sale and a property that may stay on the market for months and months. That is why it is so important to have good curb appeal when selling your home. If you have the money to invest, it […]

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