Gardens Australia

You can find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our garden care services below.
1Do you take the waste away?
Yes, we do. We can take a load of ute waste to the tip and dump it for a fee added to the final invoice.
2How high can you cut and hedge trees?
We can hedge and prune trees up to 5 meters high. For pruning or hedging trees higher than 5 meters, you can call tree loppers.
3Are you guys okay with dogs?
Yes, we are very dog friendly. But we ask that owners always ensure all dog feces are removed from the site before our visit.
4How can I pay my bill?
We accept cash or card (PayPass) upon completion of the job, but if no one is present, we will consider an electronic funds transfer within 7 days.
5Are you guys insured?
Yes we are.
6Do you guys build walls and install pools?
No. Unfortunately, we don't do any hardscape features. Our garden services are limited to softscaping like planting, mulching, irrigation, and lawn laying.

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