How to replace a pop-up lawn sprinkler

In this article we will be showing you how to replace a pop-up lawn sprinkler. We have been servicing irrigation for many years and would be honoured to share our experiences with you. Anyway, let’s get straight to the point and show you how it’s done. Please look at bottom of the article where we have provided a video, as well as this text version. If you are not confident with irrigation repairs, then please contact us at Gardens Australia.

Dig Around Sprinkler

First step when replacing a broken sprinkler is to dig around the sprinkler until you completely expose the white pipe. In a healthy lawn, you want to dig a nice square around the sprinkler and pull the grass out as a unit that can be easily be reinserted into the landscape. Once this is done, you are now ready to unscrew the sprinkler. The reason we go down to the white pipe is to avoid getting dirt in the system.

Replace the Sprinkler Body

After you have exposed the white pipe and removed the broken sprinkler, it’s time to screw on the new sprinkler. Unless you bought a preassembled sprinkler, then its most likely that your sprinkler has an orange, blue or red flush off valve instead of a spray nozzle (depending on what brand of sprinkler). If you are looking for sprinklers in Joondalup, then try Controlled Irrigation Supplies on Winton Road.

Installing the nozzle

The flush off valve is better to have as it allows you to fasten the new sprinkler to the pipe and test it in order to flush any accumulated dirt in the system. To work out what nozzle you need, measure the distance between the neighbouring sprinklers. This of course relies on the original design of the system being adequate, so let’s just go ahead and assume it is okay for educational purposes. Once this information is acquired, its time to select a nozzle which throws the desired distance. Now, simply unscrew the flush off valve and screw on the new nozzle.

Manually run the Station

Once this step is completed, it’s time to go back to the controller and manually run the station again. The sprinklers should work now and you are ready to go. The final step is to now fill the dirt back in the hole and put the square patch of grass back. And that’s how to replace a pop-up lawn sprinkler. Now you’re ready for another warm season of grass growing! Have fun! For more major repairs, please contact Gardens Australia as soon as possible.


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