The Secret Garden of Eden Hill

We once got a phone call from a lady in Landsdale. Her name was Colleen. She was very nice and we agreed upon a price and a date to do some work at her property. After we finished the job she was very happy with our workmanship and thus wanted us to do her mothers property.

Due to Colleen’s mothers steadily declining health, she sadly could no longer care for her garden and it was let go for a while. When we arrived at the property, the job was huge. Massive. It took 4 of us 2 days to complete the job. When we were done we invited everyone to showcase our efforts and Colleen couldn’t believe her eyes. We were so happy to have given the garden back the life that it deserves and reveal what a true masterpiece the landscape was.

Below is a video of how the place looked just before it was sold because shortly after Colleen’s mother, Norma, unfortunately passed away and the house was sold. The property was located in Eden Hill and the real estate article was marketed with the header “The Secret Garden of Eden Hill”. Brilliant. We will miss Norma and her beautiful garden.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Regards, Gilbert

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