Yucca Clean up

Hey Guys

Here is a time lapse video of just over 2 hours squeezed into 1 minute of us decluttering a yucca tree. This video is good for people who wish to try this themselves or anyone wishing to start their own gardening business. Just remember to wear safety glasses as the leaves are very sharp and be on the lookout for black spiders and cockroaches who inhabit the leaves.

The reason we clean up the yuccas:

– Spiders will live at the top instead
– Sharp leaves are no longer a hazard
– Rubbish will no longer get caught underneath
– It looks cleaner!

The few cuttings that we took off can also be propagated and planted elsewhere in the garden!

We were able to use the hedger to remove the dry and dead leaves but it doesn’t really work on the green leaves as it leaves behind some of the leaf still attached at the base which then becomes harder to remove.
In regards to the extra branches down the bottom – we removed them with the chainsaw.

For the best finish, we like to take off the leaves until there are no more drooping. Whilst removing the leaves, be on the lookout for brown spots or fungus like spots infecting the plant. Usually removal of the lower leaves is the key to the treatment of this disease as it removes the source of new infection. You will need to make sure the Yucca has full sun and ensure that it isn’t over-watered.

Hope you guys enjoy the video.

Gardens Australia

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