Springtime Gardening Tips You Need to Know

It’s that time of the year again, and surely your gardening skills are a must-have this time. Spring is one of the best seasons here in Perth, Australia. Gardeners utilise this time to prepare for what’s coming, meaning expect to use your green thumb for the next few days. So let’s take a look at the springtime gardening tips you need to know!

You don’t have to worry too much as it will be a great season for you as well. As you know, spring temperature is perfect for growing new plants. It will be a great time to plant seeds of flowers and vegetables. Your garden will be alive soon with its new sprouted flowers and greens.

Spring Preparations for Gardening

As mentioned, spring is a great time to begin planting your flowers and crops in the backyard. Although, before anything else, you can also utilise spring for other matters, like cleaning up. This step is important to accomplish before anything else to ensure the growth of your plants. If you don’t have any idea about what to do first, then this list of tips will surely help you out!

springtime gardening tips you need to know

A. Organize your tools

First of all, when it comes to gardening, it is essential to keep everything in order, like your gardening shed. Always check if you have all the important tools you need for springtime gardening. That includes fertilisers, shovels, wheelbarrows, and others. Having such tools will make your gardening much easier, and help prepare the soil before you plant new seeds. 

springtime gardening tips you need to know

B. Remove weeds

Next on the list is the removal of weeds in the garden. Even though this step is a usual thing to do, it is an important phase you should never skip. Removing unwanted weeds in the area will help your new plant receive the nutrients it needs. That way, when you add the fertilisers, your new plant will grow healthier.

C. Refresh your soil 

As time passes by, the soil in your backyard can be a bit stiff due to lack of moisture. It can be difficult to begin planting outdoor tropical plants in that soil. Luckily, one way to solve that is by loosening it up. You can use your gardening tools to start the job (e.g, shovel, rake, and others).

springtime gardening tips you need to know

D. Add moisture or wetting agent to the garden soil

Meanwhile, when it comes to preparing the soil, you must also consider this step a solution for what’s ahead of you. Since, after spring, it is expected to have summer heat in the area, you need to ensure that your soil will have the moisture it needs. Adding manures is one way to do that. 

springtime gardening tips you need to know

E. Prune

Lastly, when it comes to spring, it’s also the best time to prune your plants and get them back to a nice shape like hedges. Shaping them to a clean and spotless look will not only allow space for other plants but also add to your garden’s aesthetic. 

As you know, springtime is when the flowers bloom. Wouldn’t it be great to have clean hedges with flowers lining up in the garden? 

What Plants to Have During September for Gardening

If you aim to plant more fruits and vegetables this September, then the best one you should plant is the tomato. It is one of the most popular crops gardeners plant during this time of the year. Since it loves the heat, it is the perfect choice as a homegrown crop. 

Meanwhile, you can also start the greens, like basil. Basil is easy to grow and will be a great addition to your daily cooking ingredients. After all, fresh basil sure makes a huge difference when it comes to food.

Well there you have it!, these are the springtime gardening tip you need to know. For more help with gardening in spring time, please contact us here at Gardens Australia

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