Swinging your way to Paradise in a Hammock

Everyone loves the idea of a hammock, why wouldn’t they? It’s a supportive, comfortable pouch placed directly in the sun with the aim to help you sit back, relax and have a snooze.

The hammock is recorded as being used as early as the 15th century and was developed around the time that Christopher Columbus was alive. It is thought that he brought them to Spain from the Bahamas. In those times, hammocks were a necessity and provided a much-needed place to sleep. Nowadays hammocks are regular features in gardens, beaches, poolsides and camping sites and are commonly used for relaxing in the sun.

Hammocks first became very popular because they provide a safe place to sleep where insects, snakes and other animals can’t get to the sleeper. They are still used on ships and even space shuttles due to their practicality and the rarity of the sleeper falling out. Their popularity has never dwindled, but their use has changed dramatically and is almost always for leisure rather than need.
Hammocks are very commonly used as a place to sleep for travellers and campers due to their compact nature. Although a swinging hammock has a stand, this can be taken apart and safely stored away, transported, and set up on holiday.

The modern hammock swing has a piece of nylon material with suspended by several ropes attached to the top spreader bar at two sides. This creates a pouch into which the user sits and their weight is evenly distributed along the bar. This pouch provides an extremely comfortable and supportive place to sit back and relax. Also, unlike the larger hammock, a swinging hammock is not made from net or ‘knotted’ material, but is rather made from thick nylon, providing more support. Hammock swings look great placed almost anywhere outdoors and take up less space than a full-sized two or three person hammock. Made from woven nylon material, hammocks can be made in any design, colour and style to fit into a certain outdoor décor. The traditional style for hammock material is blue and white stripes, and although many hammocks feature coloured stripes, they are available in a huge variety of designs.

Although it may be fought over, a swinging hammock makes a great centre piece for a garden, poolside or patio and can bring a practical way to enjoying your garden in the hot summer months.

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