The Most Popular Roses

When most think of flowers the image that comes to mind is that of a rose. A rose can be used to express any kind of emotion. It can indicate love or it can denote sadness. It can bring a peace of mind or it can excite the receiver.

Little wonder that most of us want to buy a rose. And it is easily understandable as to why many of us would want to see roses blooming in our gardens.

People like all the different varieties of roses. Yet as is the case with most things there are some roses that are more popular than the others.

The image of rose that comes to the mind of most people is that of a hybrid tea rose. A hybrid tea rose usually has a large bloom at the end of a cane. The blooms of hybrid teas come in almost all colors except blue and black.

It is the hybrid teas that are sold the most at florists shop. Examples of this type of rose are Double Delight and Mr. Lincoln.

Another popular variety of roses is the Floribundas. These were earlier called hybrid polyanthas. These usually have smaller blooms and the blooms are usually in clusters.

However there are some exceptions in which the blooms appear singularly. These are the roses ideal for landscaping purposes. Examples of this category are Iceberg and Angel Face.

At times you can also combinations of the Floribundas and the Hybrid Teas. These are called Grandifloras. These are comparatively smaller plants.

Their blooms are also smaller and tend to come in clusters. Queen and Elizabeth are two such combinations.

Then there are the Miniature roses. These are roses that are smaller in bush, foliage and bloom size. The looms of the miniature roses tend to lie in the range of ½ to 2 inches.

Miniatures are very popular roses. The biggest advantage with them is that they can be grown anywhere, even in containers. Behold and Fairhope are two representatives of this category of roses.

Mini-Floras are roses that are too large to be miniatures but too small to be either a Hybrid Tea or a Floribunda. These are usually not fit for landscaping purposes. Cachet and Autumn Splendor are two examples the roses that are covered by this category.

The next sets of roses that are worth a mention are the Old Garden Roses. These are the roses that had been classified before 1867. These include the mosses and the gallicas.

Shrubs are next roses that we can talk about. This is catchall category. This includes roses that are hybrids of other categories and the roses that do not fir easily in any other categories. Ballerina and Rose de Rescht are two roses that fall under this category.

Any such cannot be completed without a mention of the Climbing Roses, which are named so because they can climb to great heights. These are very vigorous in nature. When they are in bloom they tend to be covered in blooms for a month or even longer.

The canes of these roses are flexible. The blooms of the Climbing Roses are small in size and are arranged in large clusters. American Pillar and Seven Sisters are but two of the roses that belong to this category.

These are the prominent categories of the roses that are favored by the gardeners. Each of them needs a certain climate for growth and it is this climate that determines the region of their growth.

So pick your favourite keeping in mind the growth conditions and fill your garden with roses.

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