Ways to Take Care of your Indoor Tropical Garden

An indoor tropical garden is a great choice if you plan to take care of indoor plants. Most of them can adapt to any area, making them ideal for indoors. Furthermore, most tropical plants thrive in shaded areas, so moving them into a pot at home is not that different. 

Moreover, if your area doesn’t have much space in your front yard to build a garden, then having a collection indoors is the best option. Of course, you must first consider the steps on how to help them thrive since all plants need the right amount of sunlight to live. So, it would be better to check some sources, or better yet, ask for some professional advice from experts. That way, you can ensure that the indoor tropical garden you plan to have will be a success.

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Why An Indoor Tropical Garden Becomes A Trend

Choosing a tropical plant as an indoor plant is a great choice. As mentioned, this type of plant is versatile and can easily adapt. Some don’t need too much direct sunlight, which is an advantage for anyone whose house doesn’t have much sunlight. Thus, making it a great candidate to have this type of plant indoors. 

Most of you may claim that not all tropical plants can survive indoors. That’s a great observation because, as you know, humidity is part of why tropical plants survive. Since most of them usually thrive in tropical and subtropical areas, placing them indoors may make you think twice. However, we must always remember to have basic garden care skills to take care of any plant. That way, they can thrive with your help no matter where you place them.

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Clean the dust off the leaves as the wind and rain aren’t available to do so

How to Make your indoor tropical garden the best 

Achieving a successful indoor tropical garden usually depends on the knowledge you know about taking care of a plant. By having a knowledge, you can find direct solutions on how to solve any problem the plant may encounter once indoors. However, you don’t have to worry if you are a newbie in this field. In this section, we’ll be providing you with some tips you can apply in the future. Let’s discuss that below!

A. Pot Selection

Since the plan will be an indoor tropical garden, of course, all the plants will be placed in a pot. Now, this part is highly crucial as it will help the plant to thrive more. It will affect growth and how much water it can receive. So it is essential to check what size and type of pot you’ll use when you repot the chosen tropical plant. 

B. Soil Mixture

The next thing you need to remember is the type of soil you’ll use to cater to the needs of tropical plants. Since this type of plant requires moisture, it would be better to use that kind of soil. One of the tricks you can apply is to mix soil and peat moss. However, some tropical plants also don’t like too much moisture held in the soil. So, you may also try and add a mixture of perlite to the pot. 

C. Plant Placement

Meanwhile, choosing the perfect placement of your indoor plants is also important to help keep the plants alive in your home. As mentioned, most of you may be located in an area where sunlight doesn’t enter your windows. So, having an indoor plant light may be your solution. Still, if it isn’t in your calculated expenses, the best solution is to buy a specific indoor plant that doesn’t require direct sunlight. 

D. Watering of Plants

Lastly, it’s a must to know when to add and not to add moisture to your indoor tropical plant. Some plants die because of too much water retained in the pot. So, it is essential to know or identify the right timing for that matter. The technique you may want to try is by poking the soil to see if it is moist or not. 

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